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Gulfton Storytrail Murals

Chattx / Gulfton Storytrail Murals
Gulfton Story Trail 1 – Moment of Brilliance
Location: 7001 Mullins Dr. (on Edgemoor Dr.)
Artist: Lindsay Burck
Poet: David Flores
Poem: I that was never I
Poetry“I invented conversation so that I could express to you
just how heart-achingly beautiful it is to be alive.
Only problem is,
I’ve never found the words to express that.”

Gulfton Story Trail 2 – Celebration of Diversity
Location: 5905 Rampart St. (on Gulfton St.)
Artist: Jesús Sánchez
Poet: Mayanlay Kelleh
Poem: Family Fun
Family is important to me because it is a group of people showing love to everyone”

Gulfton Story Trail 3 – Garden of Paradise
Location: 6711 Hornwood Dr. Bldg 46 (across from 6601 Tarnef Dr.)
Artist: Natalia Victoria
Poet: Emmanuel Nwaobi
Poem: Ego For Thought
“We need to set our minds to each other and fill our hearts with trust so that we may maintain our grassy plains, cultivate creativity, excite our brains with empathy and embrace our immortality through the impact of our actions.”

Gulfton Story Trail 4 – Introspection of Self Reflection
Location: 5833 Clarewood Dr. (on Renwick Dr.)
Artist: Sylvia Blanco
Poet: Emmanuel Nwaobi
Poem: Ego For Thought
Mythologies employ symbols that differ based on the
Geography from which they first occurred.”

Gulfton Story Trail 5 – Ethereal Vision
Location: 6718 De Moss Dr. Bldg12
Artist: Deanna Santiago
Poet: Omar Birhanu
Poem: Don’t Take My Candy
“I go to the Masjid/Mosque to pray”

Gulfton Story Trail 6 – They Come Here for Their Children
Location: Sutton Elementary School, 7402 Albacore Dr. (between Sharpview Dr. and Sandstone St.)
Artist: Zavala Eliud
Poet: Jesus Mayen
Poem: Them
“With prayers in their pockets
Hoping to start new,
To have a better lifestyle.
They come here for their children”

Gulfton Story Trail 7 – All Your Dreams Come True
Location: 5600 Hilcroft Ave. (near Westpark Dr., on the wall behind Kababjees)
Artist: Jesús Sánchez
Poet: Mwelwa Kisanga
Poem: What Is My Culture
“as soon as you step on it, all
your dreams come true.”

Gulfton Story Trail 8 – Harvey
Location: 5930 Bellaire Blvd. (on Mulllins Dr.)
Artists: Alex Arzú & Jesse de Leon
Writer: Sara Stjepanovic
Essay: No one ever thought that such a destructive force would hit so close to home, but it did.
Standing outside in the rising waters from Hurricane Harvey took a toll on me”
Gulfton Story Trail 9 – Words Collide
Location: 5919 Rampart St.
Alex Arzú & Jesse de Leon
Poet: Rael Memnon
Poem: 6:06 am
“this is the perfect time…not too dark..
Not too light.
Dark enough to see the moon. But light enough to hear birds chirping.
“Isn’t life so beautiful?” You think.”
Access: Accessible
Gulfton Story Trail 10 – There’s So Much to Explore
Location: Las Americas Newcomer School, 6501 Bellaire Blvd. (on Rookin St., at Edgemoor Dr.)
Artist: Jesús Sánchez
Poet: Benjamin Wong
Poem: Fun
“Dinner, breakfast and lunch,
That is a yummy munch!
Lotterys, letters, and more,
There’s so much to Explore!”

Gulfton Story Trail 11 – Infinite Future
Location: Jane Long Academy, 6501 Bellaire Blvd.
Artist: Vivienne Dang
Poet: Eshaan Mani
Poem: The Scarf of Many Colors
But you should know that of you they’re proud.
And they’ll fly the scarf high!…
This is the story of family,
The scarf of many colors.”
Gulfton Story Trail 12 – Fun
Location: 6700 Bintliff Dr.
Artist: Alex Arzú & Jesse de Leon
Poet: Benjamin Wong
Poem: Fun!
“Family, friends and fun,
There’s a lot to be done!”