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Programs + Services


Gulfton Story Trail Tour photo

Gulfton Story Trail

Voyage around the world while staying right here in Houston! The Gulfton Story Trail is an immersive art experience that invites you—the explorer—to discover the neighborhood’s many cultures and voices. Nestled in between Gulfton’s global cuisines and eclectic shops are 12 inspiring murals created by some of Houston’s most talented street artists. Each vibrant piece is multi-dimensional, born from poetry written by Gulfton students, expressed visually by muralists, and experienced by residents and visitors, blending Gulfton’s stories with their own.

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A Children’s Story

The new mural project titled “A Children’s Story” embraces and celebrates Gulfton’s diversity by visually displaying a colorful message of welcome to all new Houstonians and visitors to the area.

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All Hands In image

“Together We Play” and “All Hands In” Murals

CHAT recently unveiled the new Gulfton-area murals titled “Together We Play” and “All Hands In.” “Together We Play” was created by Amy Malkan. “All Hands In” was completed by Thaddaeus Arvie.

More info on the “Together We Play” and “All Hands In” Murals, click here.

Braeburn mural invitation

Murals at Braeburn Elementary School

You are cordially invited to join Culture of Health – Advancing Together (CHAT) in a special celebration and ribbon cutting event to unveil the new Gulfton-area murals at Braeburn Elementary School. All community members are invited to join this event, to be held on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 9 a.m. at 5550 Pine St, Houston, TX 77081.

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Newcomer Services

newcomer services image

Hundreds of Afghan refugees have been resettled in the Houston area in the past few months, relocating to Houston after weeks of uncertainty and fear. Unfortunately, many are ineligible for public assistance, including certain services from refugee resettlement organizations that receive their funding from the government. This has left area agencies and nonprofits scrambling to find ways to help despite the lack of resources. It’s also left countless refugee families floundering upon arrival, with no way to obtain assistance and an urgent need for the most basic essentials

Learn how CHAT stepped in and provide relocation assistance to Afghan refugee families in need.


CHAT Academy

CHAT offers tutoring services and enrichment activities, including arts, photography, theater, music, language development, STEM workshops, and more! These initiatives work to foster the educational development of immigrant and refugee youth, integrating them into the community and improving their chances of academic success.

More info on CHAT Academy After-School:

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Girls’ Club for Success

“Girls’ Club for Success” is a group-format multi-session structured psycho-social program that is based on principles of Social-Emotional Learning and follows a recognized SEL curriculum workbook. Girl’s Club for Success is intended for female youth who may have difficulty with social and educational demands, and are at risk for negative outcomes such as behavioral health problems, family conflict, or dropping out of school.

More info on CHAT’s Girls’ Club for Success:

Computer Literacy Classes

Join us for a one-hour weekly computer literacy class! You can attend any of the classes that interest you. If you attend all of the classes, a certificate of completion will be awarded to you.

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ESL Classes

CHAT offers virtual English classes for adults in the community. Current classes offered: Free ESL classes for Afghan adults.

More info on CHAT’s ESL classes: