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Our Values

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VisionTo build a healthy community that is self-sufficient and meets the everyday challenges of living in a diverse society.


Foster the health and well-being of immigrant and refugee communities through the education, arts, advocacy and access to care.

Value Proposition

With a multifaceted approach targeting the social determinants of health through support, networking, and community engagement, CHAT is able to improve immigrant and refugee health and well-being by reducing isolation, facilitating acculturation, and connecting resources unlike any other existing organization in Houston.


  1. To develop long-term strategies supporting Houston’s immigrants and refugees in adopting healthy and productive lifestyles.
  2. To forge and leverage alliances and partnerships based on a multidimensional approach targeting the Social Determinants of Health within the immigrant and refugee communities of Houston.
  3. To enable diverse communities to sustain their unique cultures while adapting to life in Houston.
  4. To connect Houston’s refugee and immigrant communities to a wide range of necessary services that will comprehensively foster a universal culture of health.
  5. To gather strong data that will build empirical evidence on effectiveness, improve future programs, and provide key insight that is integral towards improving community health.


  1. Understand the current status of the social determinants of health in the immigrant and refugee population of Houston by conducting interviews, baseline and post-program surveys, holding focus groups, and developing a community health needs assessment
  2. Learn perceptions and perspectives of health and hygiene of immigrant and refugee families in Houston
  3. Tailor and implement programs to meet current needs of immigrant and refugee population of Houston while systematically measuring effectiveness
  4. Organize quarterly social and educational community events to bring new immigrants and refugees together
  5. Organize monthly events to gather potential individual donors and introduce them to CHAT
  6. Secure grant-funding, corporate sponsorships, and foundation affiliations
  7. Continue strategic process to expand partnerships and network
  8. Increase number of skills-based volunteers from 5 to 15 in the next month and implement training sessions

CHAT and Mid-America Arts Alliance

CHAT is a division of Mid-America Arts Alliance. Learn more here.