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CHAT Academy In Your School

CHAT Academy
In Your School

From Math & History to Science and Reading,
Let’s CHAT in your language!

About CHAT

Culture of Health – Advancing Together (CHAT) was established in 2015 to help improve the health, well-being and reduce the isolation of immigrant and refugee families particularly youth through education, arts, advocacy, and access to care. We want to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

The Houston/Harris County area is the most diverse metropolitan area in the US and has become a pre-eminent destination for refugees worldwide. The transition to a new culture is particularly difficult for children of immigrants and refugees. They face new and sometimes conflicting social norms and expectations, a different education system, and often a different instruction language.

CHAT fills a critical gap by helping guide them through these barriers. We provide support through the Social Determinants of Health:

  • Education,
  • Economic Stability,
  • Community,
  • Healthcare, and
  • Environment.

CHAT Academy programs help students bridge their unique challenges in a developmentally appropriate way.

Youth programs are an area of service that has been a part of what CHAT offers since the beginning. The programs we offer include CHAT Academy, CHAT Summer Camp, and Girls’ Club for Success (Social Emotional Learning Program). These are in addition to soccer clinics, art classes, ESL, and other enrichment activities for children.


About CHAT Academy

CHAT Academy provides culturally supportive educational services, including language-match (when necessary), to help students succeed. This is especially beneficial for a significant portion of the immigrant or refugee student population of Houston.

CHAT Academy instructors are present to serve students during and after school or during the summer. Instruction is provided on a variety of subjects:

CHAT Academy’s fundamental goal is to create a “space for success” by setting up the physical environment, providing supplies, and managing daily schedules in ways that support program goals and help students learn.

Routines, clear expectations, and well-thought-out space configurations reduce disruptions, fostering a comfortable and consistent learning environment.

Our instructors are trained to connect with young learners from diverse backgrounds. They are successful in engaging students and helping them succeed.

Participating students are enthusiastic about CHAT Academy’s tutoring sessions, as well as our other workshops and activities, and show interest in the topics presented. CHAT Academy has helped students gain better academic achievements at school in tutored subjects.

About the instructors

CHAT instructors are culturally competent and understanding of their backgrounds. Many of the staff and volunteers who work directly with the students have had prior experience working with the population that CHAT Academy serves and have undergone cultural competency training, which has added capacity and ability to deal successfully with the issues our students face.

All CHAT instructors are HISD-VIPS certified (Volunteers in Public Schools). Instructors receive CHAT “onboarding,” which covers training in cross-cultural communication, cultural sensitivity, principles of education and educational development, and essentials of tutoring skills.

Contact us

For more information about CHAT Academy or to bring the program to your school, please email or call 713-247-9764.